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Avondale Brewing Company pulls plug on Ted Nugent Concert

Avondale Brewing Company pulls plug on Ted Nugent Concert

Ted Nugent’s controversial political views have been a subject of discussion for decades, and his recent tour announcement has brought his polarizing persona back into the spotlight. The Adios MOFO ‘23: The Final Tour was set to include a stop at the Avondale Brewing Company in Birmingham, Alabama. However, the venue quickly became the target of negative comments on social media, with people promising to boycott Avondale if they allowed Nugent to perform.

According to a report  by, the comments flooded Avondale’s Facebook and Instagram pages. The venue responded by canceling the show just before tickets were scheduled to go on sale. Avondale’s statement read, “We have heard the concerns of the Avondale community, which is so important to us, and in conjunction with our partners, have taken the necessary steps to cancel the Ted Nugent concert scheduled for July 18.”

Ted Nugent concert cancelled over far-right views

The decision to cancel the concert was likely not an easy one, as it represents a loss of revenue for Avondale Brewing Company. However, the venue recognized the importance of its relationship with the community and ultimately prioritized the concerns of its patrons. This move is similar to a trend seen across the entertainment industry, where artists are held accountable for their actions and beliefs.

Ted Nugent is no stranger to controversy, having made headlines for his incendiary statements and far-right views. While some of his fans have supported him, others have called for his boycott. Nugent’s tweet following the cancellation of his concert reflects the ongoing conflict surrounding his beliefs, with him calling his detractors “liars and haters drunk on stupid incapable to debate me-.”

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The cancellation of the concert in Alabama is a clear indication that Nugent’s extremist views have consequences. It is not yet clear whether other venues will follow Avondale’s example, but the backlash he has faced in Birmingham is a sign of changing times.

The entertainment industry is no longer willing to tolerate artists who promote harmful beliefs, and it remains to be seen how Nugent will adapt to this changing landscape.

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