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Social Worker Thrown Back In Jail After An Audacious Act

Social Worker Thrown Back In Jail After An Audacious Act

In a turn of events, a Mount Sterling, Ohio, social worker found herself back behind bars on her 24th birthday, marking a sinister twist to the tale.

Payton Harleigh Shires, a recent licensee in the Buckeye State, had been employed by the National Youth Advocate Program (NYAP), but her actions took a dark and troubling turn after being thrown back into the Franklin County Jail for brandishing a gun at sexual assault victims home, claiming the boy’s mom “ruined her life.”

The initial allegations against Shires were deeply disturbing, centering on unlawful sexual conduct with a 13-year-old boy, a child she was meant to be counseling for mental health.

This young social worker’s downfall began with a fateful phone call to the boy’s mother. The cops listened in as Shires shockingly admitted her wrongdoing during the conversation. The scandal further deepened when illicit videos and messages were discovered on the victim’s phone, corroborating the heinous acts.

Shires’ first stint in Franklin County Jail commenced on October 6, and she quickly posted a hefty $500,085 bond only to face strict conditions, including no contact with the alleged victim and no unsupervised interaction with minors.

However, the audacity of her actions knows no bounds. Recent reports show that Shires brazenly appeared at the victim’s home on Thursday and threatened violence, casting aside all restraint.

Two felony charges now loom over her, centering on intimidation of a crime victim by force or threat, her bond was revoked; and a new mug shot was taken. In a bizarre and chilling twist, she was caught on camera brandishing a gun while accusing the victim’s mother of ruining her life.


As this spine-chilling saga unfolds, one can only wonder what could drive someone with the responsibility of a social worker to such depths of depravity. Shires’ shocking actions have left a community in disbelief, and her arraignment on these latest charges only adds another layer of intrigue to this unsettling story.

The NYAP, the very organization entrusted with the well-being of children has distanced itself from Shires, acknowledging the gravity of the situation.

This is a developing story..stayed tuned.

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