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Latest Civil Engineering Jobs In Canada | Details

Latest Civil Engineering Jobs In Canada | Details

This article brings you the latest civil engineering jobs in Canada and how to apply. One of the broadest groups of engineering specialties is civil engineering. In terms of employment opportunities, Canada, a nation with a rapidly growing economy, is experiencing a corresponding rise in demand for qualified civil engineers.

Canada is a popular country, yet there is a severe lack of trained civil engineers for many infrastructural development projects. Several firms are looking for foreign workers to fill the shortfall of civil engineers in Canada because few Canadian graduates choose to pursue a career in this field.

A number of factors, including an increase in development and building projects across the nation and a workforce that is slower-growing, older, and closer to retirement than in other engineering professions, are to blame for this.

One of the richest and highest-paying employment markets in the world is available to immigrant civil engineers who come to Canada. Many of them are successful in getting accepted to live and work permanently in Canada as Canadian Permanent Residents.

Civil engineers are considered to be the primary forces behind global economic and physical progress.

Civil engineers develop and oversee projects for the construction or repair of earth structures such as highways, rapid transit systems, tunnels, canals, bridges, dams, ports, and coastal installations.

They also plan and design buildings, airports, and trains. Canada’s top cities with the most job postings for civil engineers are Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver, Ontario, Alberta, Montreal, Mississauga, British Columbia, Windsor, and many more. Careers in Civil Engineering for Foreigners in Canada in 2023.

Job Details for the Latest Civil Engineering Jobs In Canada

Job Type

  • Civil Engineering


  • Equivalent Diploma/Degree


  • Experienced Candidates are preferred

Job Location

  • Across Canada


  • All Nationalities can Apply

Employee Benefits

  • Attractive Job Benefits & Perks

Number of Vacancies

  • 1000+ Job Vacancy Openings

More for You:

Canada’s average salary for civil engineers in 2023

A civil engineer in Canada makes an average annual pay of $60,000, or $30.77 per hour. Most experienced civil engineers in Canada earn up to $102,000 per year, with entry-level roles starting at $37,050.

An overview of the typical pay for civil engineers jobs in Canada is shown below:

Job Location Average Salary
Senior Project Manager $111,820
Civil Engineer Quebec $62,449
Senior Civil Engineer $100,000
Civil Engineer $60,000
Civil Engineer British Columbia $86,444
Project Manager $90,645
Field Engineer $41,372
Civil Engineer Ontario $60,000
Intermediate Structural Engineer $90,000
Civil Engineer New Brunswick $55,244
Transportation Engineer $89,539
Civil Engineer Alberta $62,015
Geotechnical Engineer $85,000
Civil Engineer Nova Scotia $60,000
Project Engineer Development $80,294

What are the steps for civil engineers to immigrate to Canada?

For example, the Canada Fast Entry program allows civil engineers to immigrate to Canada without first receiving a valid job offer.

As a result of the 50 PR points it adds to your immigration profile—or 200 PR points if you are successful in landing a position as a senior manager in the civil engineering profession—a job offer can, however, boost your chances of being granted authorization for permanent residency (PR).

An appropriate employment offer must be received before a foreign civil engineer can enter Canada as a temporary worker, and they must also secure the required work permit from the Canadian government.

For civil engineers to immigrate straight to Canada as Permanent Residents, there are numerous options as well. In the event that a candidate is already employed as a civil engineer in Canada lawfully, they may be qualified to apply through the Canadian or Quebec Experience Class programs, the Skilled Worker stream of the Provincial Nominee Program, which covers their province of residence.

For civil engineers who immigrate to Canada, there are generally plenty of job prospects.

Skilled civil engineers, whose profession is now listed on the province’s list of authorized areas of training/fields of specialization, receive a high amount of points under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Civil engineers who immigrate to Canada through the Skilled Worker Program may choose to pursue employment opportunities across the country.

Once in Canada, they may work in Quebec’s urban areas or the vast natural resource industry. The well-known Federal Skilled Worker Program presently lists civil engineers as a qualifying occupation.

In order to apply for a job before the Federal Skilled Worker Program closes for the current year, interested individuals should be aware that there are only 300 openings for each listed occupation.

Below are a few immigration schemes that let foreigners become civil engineers in Canada:

[1] Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP)

[2] Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)
[a] Saskatchewan [SINP]
[b] British Columbia
[c] Quebec
[d] Atlantic Canada

[3] Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

  • Establish an online profile
  • Get an ITA
  • Submit an application for permanent residency
Most Recent Paying Civil Engineering Jobs in Canada in 2023

Discover the top civil engineering jobs in Canada that will further your professional goals by investigating the organizations listed below.

Groundexpert Asbestos Removal Ltd. $48.00 hourly Surrey (BC)
CAIRO DEVELOPMENT LTD $48.08 hourly Calgary (AB)
City of Campbell River $36.06 hourly Campbell River (BC)
Sahej Construction Ltd. $44.00 hourly Surrey (BC)
City of Kamloops $44.85 hourly Kamloops (BC)
GA Engineering & Consultants Ltd $47.50 hourly Edmonton (AB)

We have prepared a document that contains the comprehensive list:[List of Latest Civil Engineering Jobs In Canada – PDF}

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