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Latest Truck Driver Jobs in Canada | Apply Now

Latest Truck Driver Jobs in Canada | Apply Now

The latest truck driver jobs in Canada for 2023 are shown below. Before they are all filled, submit your application for any open truck driver positions in Canada.

It is common knowledge that in order to operate smoothly and effectively, the Canadian trucking industry, transportation services, and freight company require young, skilled foreign workers, qualified drivers with prior experience driving trucks in Gulf nations and long-haul drivers.

Particularly for those who have previously driven trucks in Gulf nations or who wish to be paid to go to stunning locations in Canada, there has been a high demand for truck driving jobs in Canada recently.

More truck driver employment in Canada will necessitate a work visa due to a shortage of qualified drivers who can travel long distances (routes and journey).

Truck driving companies in Canada are now accepting applications. The opportunity to develop your career should not be missed. Join the elite group of truck drivers in Canada!

To fill the open positions, Canada is seeking qualified candidates who are trustworthy and safety-conscious.

You may see the natural splendor of Canada while earning a good income because of the competitive salary and diversity of routes. In addition, you’ll be equipped for success on the road with our sector-leading training program.

Some of the Benefits of Truck Driver Jobs for Foreigners in Canada

Many believe that truck drivers in Canada have many options and advantages, including a salary of $55,000 to $70,000 annually and additional bonuses and social benefits.

It’s crucial to understand that Canadian employers favor long-haul truckers. Long-haul truck drivers are paid well and receive many other perks from their employers. Because of these factors, immigrants and skilled employees are interested in applying for foreign-applicable truck driver employment in Canada.

A candidate can also advance to the position of team driver once they have gained some valuable experience working as truck drivers. The opportunity to oversee a group of truck drivers is also available to team drivers (or team leaders).

In addition, visiting new places is one perk of truck driving employment in Canada. They have access to cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver as well as other Canadian towns, forests, and picturesque locations. They frequently get the opportunity to converse with individuals and social groups of various origins.

Furthermore, the working hours of truck drivers in Canada are flexible. Truck drivers occasionally go on journeys that last several weeks or months. In this situation, long-distance truck drivers can discuss their workdays, hours, and number of days off with their employers.

The time to apply for any of Canada’s truck driver positions is right now. The most recent truck driver positions in Canada are shown below.


Truck Driver Jobs Vacancies and Locations In Canada

Here are are the available truck jobs and locations in Canada;

Location Vacancies Links
Truck Driver Jobs in Ontario 620 Apply here
Truck Driver Jobs in Manitoba 181 Apply here
Truck Driver Jobs in Prince Edward Island 8 Apply here
Truck Driver Jobs in Newfoundland and Labrador 5 Apply here
Truck Driver Jobs in Québec 224 Apply here
Truck Driver Jobs in Nova Scotia 51 Apply here
Truck Driver Jobs in New Brunswick 62 Apply here
Truck Driver Jobs in Alberta 624 Apply here
Truck Driver Jobs in Yukon 4 Apply here
Truck Driver Jobs in Northwest Territories 1 Apply here
Truck Driver Jobs in Saskatchewan 172 Apply here
Truck Driver Jobs in British Columbia 538 Apply here
Truck Driver Jobs in Canada 2505 Apply here

Truck Driver Jobs in Canada Open to Foreigners

After completing the Temporary Foreign Worker Visa Program, which enables truck drivers to immigrate to Canada, the majority of truck drivers seeking employment in Canada start working for Canadian companies.

You must already have satisfied, or be completing, a number of requirements at the time of application in order to be taken into consideration.

You will then be encouraged to apply for Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program if the Canadian company extends an offer.

If you want to go through an accelerated (within six months) immigration process, you must build a profile using the Canada Express Entry system.

Canada, which has a small population that is spread out among its major cities, depends on immigrants to make up the shortage of professional truck drivers.

The Canadian government has announced that it will hire more than a million more workers to keep up with the nation’s economic growth. It would therefore be a fantastic chance for truck drivers who want to immigrate to Canada from abroad.

Very Important

Salary Structure for truck drivers in Canada in 2023

Experts are optimistic that truck drivers will receive a good wage and other social and welfare advantages as demand for truck drivers rises in many Canadian regions, particularly in Atlantic Canada.

Companies that have been recognized as Canadian employers in Canada offer truck drivers competitive hourly wages. The average hourly income for truck drivers in Canada is $32 Canadian dollars, per Job Bank and Statistics Canada report.

Location Low Medium High Average hour wage
Prince Edward Island 12 16.5 27 19.03
Saskatchewan 15.38 23.63 35 24.96
British Columbia 15 24.95 35.14 23.27
Newfoundland and Labrador 13.5 20 35 23.74
Canada 14 20.4 32 23.26
Nova Scotia 12.82 18 25.64 20.97
Alberta 18 26 39 26.83
Ontario 13 20 29 22.73
New Brunswick 12.5 17.26 27 20.56
Québec 13.5 18.6 26.67 22.48
Manitoba 13 20 29 21.74

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