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Halle Berry Must Pay $8K Monthly in Child Support to Ex-Husband after Divorce, Judge Rules

Halle Berry Must Pay $8K Monthly in Child Support to Ex-Husband after Divorce, Judge Rules

Actress Halle Berry’s divorce from her ex-husband Olivier Martinez has reached its conclusion, almost eight years after the initial proceedings began.

Berry and Martinez, who have a 9-year-old son named Maceo, have come to an agreement regarding their divorce and custody arrangements. According to a comprehensive 33-page document filed in New York, the terms have been settled.

The decision, formally lodged in the Los Angeles Superior Court, stipulates that both Berry and Martinez will share joint legal and physical custody of their son. As part of the arrangement, Berry, who is 57 years old, will provide $8,000 per month in child support to Martinez. Additionally, Berry will pay 4.3% of any income she earns beyond $2 million to her ex-husband.

This joint custody agreement emphasizes the cooperative approach taken by Berry and Martinez in co-parenting their child. Their commitment to Maceo’s well-being is further evident as Berry will cover Maceo’s private school fees and all extracurricular costs, including activities like soccer. Furthermore, Berry will take on the responsibility of providing Maceo with health insurance, covering both medical and dental expenses.

The path to this resolution was marked by a prolonged legal process. The couple initially began divorce proceedings in 2016, and the complexities of custody and child support caused the case to extend over several years.


The terms of the agreement reflect a fair and balanced approach to the shared responsibilities of parenting. Beyond the legal considerations, both Berry and Martinez seem focused on ensuring the best possible environment for their son’s growth and development.

Berry and Martinez’s marriage ended in separation in 2015 after two years of being together. The resolution of their divorce proceedings closes this chapter of their lives and sets the stage for their journey as co-parents moving forward.

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