Is it really important to have life insurance? Find out

Even though life insurance is a crucial kind of insurance protection, hardly all Americans have a policy. So, is it really important to have life insurance? Yes, but in reality, only 54% of American citizens have life insurance. This is according to statistics by PolicyGenius.


This includes 27% of those who only have group insurance, which is typically not enough to provide comprehensive protection and is offered by companies.

Although many Americans require life insurance, others are hesitant to purchase it since shopping for coverage looks difficult and it is not a pleasant subject to contemplate.

However, in order to guarantee the care of your loved ones, you should obtain coverage.


You can decide whether to purchase a policy and for how much by responding to these four questions. In order to obtain the insurance that best suits your needs, you’ll also need to shop carefully.

  1. What is the importance of life insurance?
  2. How much does life insurance cost?
  3. How much coverage is sufficient?
  4. Do you have any kind of coverage from work?

Now we shall discuss each of the above questions to help you arrive at a decision if it is really important to have life coverage.

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What is the importance of life insurance?

The ability to support and defend the people you care about even in the event of your death is the main advantage of purchasing life insurance.

Your spouse or other family members likely rely on you in some way. This can entail earning a living, caring for the home, or looking after elderly parents or young children.

If you pass away, life insurance will pay for the services you were rendering or replace your income. Its goal is to prevent a significant and long-lasting fall in your loved ones’ standard of living after your passing.

How much does life insurance cost?

The cost of life insurance varies depending on the type of policy you choose, the age at which you apply for coverage, your health, the volume of insurance coverage you purchase, and the insurer who underwrites your policy.

Term life insurance is typically substantially less expensive than whole life insurance. Regarding age, if you purchase insurance when you are younger, you’ll probably pay a cheaper premium.

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How much life coverage is sufficient?

While looking for life coverage, you must choose the level of protection you want to purchase. You will choose the size of your death benefit specifically.

If you pass away while the coverage is in force, the insurer will pay that sum to your designated beneficiaries.

There may be extremely minimal death benefits included in policies, only enough to pay for burial expenses. A plan that pays out at least $1 million if you pass away is also an option.

Financial experts typically advise purchasing 10 to 15 times your annual income in insurance. You would have $500,000 to $750,000 in insurance if you made $50,000 each year.

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Do you have any kind of coverage from work?

Employers frequently offer life insurance as a perk to their employees. Don’t think you and your family are adequately protected just because you have coverage via your place of employment.

Employer-provided insurance frequently has a modest death benefit. For instance, instead of the suggested 10 to 15 times your income, your family might only receive $10,000 or $20,000 if you pass away.

Additionally, policies from employers often only apply while you are still employed. They are typically not portable and thus cannot be taken with you. If you quit your job, you can run into trouble because your family won’t be protected.

After losing your employer-sponsored insurance, you might be able to obtain a policy from a private insurer, although doing so might be more expensive than if you’d bought private insurance when you were younger.

If you had health issues when you lost your employment, you might discover that getting insurance is out of your price range.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to look for supplementary coverage on your own, even if you have a job plan. Purchasing insurance should be a top financial priority if your loved ones depend on you or if you have no protection at all.

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