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War Between DeSantis and Disney takes another Twist

War Between DeSantis and Disney takes another Twist

Hey folks, did you hear the one about Governor Ron DeSantis claiming victory over Disney’s silence on the “Don’t Say Gay” bill? In an interview with Newsmax, DeSantis boasted about beating Disney on issues like parents’ rights, which he thinks are “really important to the people of Florida.”

Apparently, the signing of the Parental Rights in Education Bill was a big win for DeSantis over Disney’s “woke” ideology.

A look at the ongoing feud between Florida’s governor DeSantis and the entertainment giant Disney, and what it means for both parties.

DeSantis went on to say that since their disagreement, Disney hasn’t been politically active. He sees this as a major victory for Floridians, who he believes won’t be “perverted” by Disney’s influence. Also, he made it clear that he hasn’t spoken to Disney CEO Bob Iger. He added that the Legislature had spoken and Disney decided to “contract out against the will of the people.”

Despite DeSantis’ claims, Disney isn’t laughing. They’ve sued him for “retaliation” and violating their First Amendment rights over free speech. Also, it looks like the Mouse House isn’t backing down without a fight.

The Parental Rights in Education Bill banning the discussion of sexuality in grade school was a direct challenge to Disney’s stance on inclusivity and diversity. The company’s subsequent pronouncement against the bill led to DeSantis revoking their self-governing status. This resulted in the ongoing legal battle between the two entities.

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It remains to be seen how this comedic feud between DeSantis and Disney will play out in the long term. The governor’s victory may be limited to the company’s silence on political issues. However, the legal battle over retaliation and First Amendment rights may have larger implications for both parties. Either way, the ongoing feud is a reminder that even Mickey Mouse can’t escape the power struggles between large corporations and political leaders.

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