Vermont sheriff’s captain who was fired for assaulting a prisoner is now elected to be the county’s next top cop despite the legal trouble

On Tuesday, a Vermont sheriff’s captain who was accused of assaulting a handcuffed prisoner and fired from his job won election to become that county’s next top cop despite the legal trouble.

According to the Vermont secretary of state’s office, John Grismore, 49, won the Franklin County sheriff’s seat on Tuesday by defeating two write-in candidates to take over the department that fired him.

On August 9, Grismore won both the Republican and Democratic nominations in a primary, which made him the only candidate on the ballot.

However, a video made public a day after the primary appeared to show him kicking a handcuffed prisoner, leading to his suspension and eventual dismissal.

On August 7, a video circulated online showing the incident that went down between Grismore and the handcuffed prisoner. In the video, he is seen kicking a prisoner handcuffed to a bench in the crotch and abdomen multiple times.

Last month, he pleaded not guilty to simple assault.

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Grismore said he is glad that the “voters understand the facts and the circumstances” surrounding the case after he was declared the winner, adding that the information about his suspension and the video were “leaked” out of context.

Grismore, who believes he will be cleared of the charge, said he used a minimum amount of force when he kicked the handcuffed prisoner in the abdomen, adding that the kick was to prevent the prisoner from spitting on him and the other deputies.

He claimed that “many people could tell that this is clearly a political ploy to undermine a campaign.”

However, the outgoing sheriff, Roger Langevin said that Grismore’s “egregious” behavior was reported to him by other deputies.

The county’s GOP and Democratic parties never wanted former Vermont sheriff’s captain John Grismore

Write-in candidate Mark Lauer, a lieutenant with the department and longtime law enforcement veteran was backed by the county’s GOP and Democratic parties in a bid to stop Grismore.

However, the results released Friday show that Grismore won easily with a total of 8,900 votes, landing himself in a position of enormous power. Lauer came in second with 5,281 votes and Gale Messier, a two-time sheriff’s candidate picked up 626 votes.

Grismore publicly sent a message to those that didn’t vote him saying, “this a great challenge and a great opportunity for me to prove them all wrong,” according to VT Digger.

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Grismore will take over the sheriff’s department on January 31, 2023.

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