Utah Residents Resort to VPNs After Pornhub Blockade ‘We Are Very Upset’

So apparently, Utah residents are really upset that they can’t access Pornhub anymore. And what do they do? They turn to Google and start searching for  VPNs like crazy! I mean, who needs a website blocking you when you have technology to work around it, am I right?


As Pornhub blocks access to its site in Utah due to age-verification law, residents turn to VPNs causing spikes in related Google searches, particularly in smaller towns.

Even the small towns of Providence, Mount Pleasant, Moroni and Magna are joining in on the action. I bet those are some wild parties happening over there. “Hey, did you hear about the VPN search spike in Moroni? They’re crazy over there!”

But why are people suddenly so interested in VPNs? Well, it turns out that Pornhub decided to block access to their site in Utah in protest of a new law that requires them to verify users are of adult age. I mean, sure, it’s important to keep kids safe but at what cost? No more Pornhub for Utah? That’s just cruel.

The bill states that users will have to provide a government-issued ID or use a third-party app to verify their age. And let’s be real, who actually wants to do that? I don’t know about you, but I’m not giving out my ID to anyone. Especially not for something like this.


Pornhub, however, has a different idea. Instead of IDs, they want to do “device-based verification”. You know, like proving that you own a smartphone or a tablet. Because obviously, only adults are capable of owning these devices, right?

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So there you have it, folks. Utahns are turning to VPNs to get their Pornhub fix and all because of a silly law that requires ID verification. Who knew that a little thing like age verification could cause such a stir?


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