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Tucker Carlson Plots New Media Empire, Prepares ‘Dirt’ on Fox News

Tucker Carlson Plots New Media Empire, Prepares 'Dirt' on Fox News

Hey folks, it looks like Tucker Carlson is up to some sneaky business! According to Axios, the controversial Fox News host is preparing to launch his own media empire to complete with a direct-to-consumer outlet where fans can pay to watch him. That’s right, he wants to be the next Netflix but only for his loyal viewers.

But there’s just one problem: Carlson’s contract with Fox News doesn’t expire until January 2025 and the network isn’t keen on letting him out of it. They’ve offered him a whopping $20 million a year to not work but apparently that’s not enough for him.

Tucker Carlson is planning to start a right-wing rival to Fox News, with supporters and allies ready to back him up in a battle against the network.

He’s been in talks with other outlets like Rumble and Newsmax, who have offered him even more money. And he’s even had conversations with Elon Musk about working together. I mean, can you imagine a more perfect duo? One guy denies climate change and the other wants to move to Mars. It’s like a match made in heaven.

But Fox News isn’t going down without a fight. They’ve seen their ratings plummet since Carlson was let go 13 days ago, and they’re desperate to sideline him.

However, Carlson’s lawyer Bryan Freedman is having none of it. He says it’s “preposterous” to suggest that anyone can silence Tucker and that his client has the right to speak to his audience. And he’s not the only one on Team Tucker. Carlson’s allies in the media and political world including supporters of former President Trump are standing by him and are reportedly preparing to attack Fox News publicly if they continue to keep Carlson on the shelf.

This whole situation is starting to sound like a bad breakup. Fox News and Tucker Carlson just can’t seem to agree on anything. And it’s not just the contract dispute that’s causing tension. Apparently, Carlson “knows where a lot of bodies are buried and is ready to start drawing a map” if necessary. Yikes! That’s not a good look for Fox News. No wonder Megyn Kelly, another former Fox News host has hit out at the network for its post-Carlson ratings. She even tweeted a reference to conservative attacks on Bud Light. I mean, that’s how you know things are serious.

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So, folks, it looks like we’re in for a wild ride. Tucker Carlson and Fox News are gearing up for a battle of epic proportions. Who will come out on top? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: if you’re a Tucker Carlson fan, you better start saving your pennies because he’s coming for your wallet.

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