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‘True Lies’ Gets Canceled: Apparently, the Show’s Lies Weren’t True Enough

'True Lies' Gets Canceled: Apparently, the Show's Lies Weren't True Enough

CBS has announced the cancellation of two drama series, “East New York” and “True Lies” after just one season. The Season 1 finales of both shows will mark the end of their run airing on May 14 and May 17, respectively. The network’s decision came shortly after the renewal of another drama series, “S.W.A.T” for a seventh and final season.

“East New York” followed the NYPD’s 74th precinct officers and detectives in Brooklyn, with Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood leading the newly promoted commanding officer. The show was unable to make a lasting impression with audiences despite its promising premise and stellar cast.

CBS’s decision to cancel ‘True Lies’ has left fans disappointed, but also questioning whether the network can handle the intense action and suspense of a spy thriller.

On the other hand, “True Lies” was a reboot of the successful film from James Cameron, following a suburban housewife who discovers her computer consultant husband is an international spy. The series revolved around their path to save the world and their marriage, but failed to deliver a strong enough audience engagement.

The “East New York” finale will feature Haywood’s leadership being called into question after a tragic shooting close to home, and her relationship with Suarez being put to the test. Meanwhile, the “True Lies” finale will wrap up its run with a two-part episode. The finale will see the team enlisting the help of a teen hacker named Max to learn who is going after the agency, putting the mission in jeopardy when Harry and Helen discover that Max is dating their daughter, Dana.

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Regarding the casting process, Charlie Nix, the show’s creator shared that they looked for actors who could play both sides, being physical and funny while still being a believable superspy and a dad. Steve Howey, who played the lead role was a perfect fit as he’s a father himself, tall, physical and had been through it all.

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