Texas Doctor Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz Arrested for Alleged Murder of a Fellow Physician

Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz, Jr., 59, a Texas doctor has been arrested for the alleged murder of a fellow physician. Ortiz is an anesthesiologist with a troubling history of domestic violence and animal cruelty. He was arrested when a contaminated IV bag killed another doctor and caused major complications in more than one patient.


The Dallas Police Department apprehended Ortiz on Wednesday in Plano, Texas, according to spokesperson Kristin Lowman. Lowman said the department is supporting the US Attorney’s Office with the investigation.

This is not the doctor’s first encounter with the criminal justice system. In 2015, he was convicted of shooting a neighbor’s dog with a pellet pistol and charged with assaulting at least two women.

Records show that on September 9, just hours after federal officials informed the Texas Medical Board about their ongoing criminal investigation, the board revoked Ortiz’s right to practice medicine. According to a suspension order issued by the board, the anesthesiologist was allegedly seen on surveillance video slipping IV bags into a warmer in the hallway outside the operating rooms at Baylor Scott & White Surgicare in North Dallas.

The report claims that “soon after placing an IV bag in the warmer, a patient will experience significant complications.”

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Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz, a Texas doctor, has been arrested for the alleged murder of a fellow physician Melanie Kaspar

Melanie Kaspar, Ortiz's coworker who died as a result of a contaminated IV bag
Melanie Kaspar, Ortiz’s coworker who died as a result of a contaminated IV bag

On June 21, Ortiz’s coworker Melanie Kaspar used a contaminated IV bag to rehydrate herself since she was ill. The order states, “She inserted the IV into her vein and immediately had a major cardiac episode and died.”


According to an autopsy, Kaspar was poisoned with bupivacaine, a numbing drug intended to reduce discomfort during surgery. The Institute for Safe Medication Practices in Canada shared some light on bupivacaine. They say the medication is intended to be injected into the spinal cord. However, it is known to result in “severe cardio and neurotoxicity” and mortality when administered intravenously.

The remaining IV bags in the warmer underwent tests. They contained bupivacaine and had “visible small perforations in the plastic wrap.”

According to the medical board, fluids left in a used IV bag that had been given to a healthy patient during a routine surgery who suffered a serious cardiac event contained similar drugs.

Ortiz’s continued medical practice “poses a continuous threat to the welfare of the public.” This is what the emergency suspension order indicates.

Ortiz, who has been practicing medicine for 26 years was put under administrative supervision in August due to an event that happened in November 2020.

Board records show that Ortiz’s clinical privileges were revoked by the North Garland Surgery Center. This is because a patient has to undergo CPR after being administered anesthesia.

Ortiz was detained for alleged assault in December 2014 after an altercation with the mother of his child in front of their next-door neighbor, Roxanne Bogdan.

Bogdan provided testimony on behalf of Ortiz’s ex-girlfriend, who had obtained a restraining order against Ortiz. Prosecutors claim that he laid the blame for their breakup on the neighbor.

Ortiz’s History of Animal Cruelty and Domestic Violence

About four months later, in April 2015, Bogdan heard a “very loud sports car” pull into Ortiz’s driveway, then gunfire and her dog yelping. According to the court document, “she hurried into her backyard and discovered her dog’s chest covered with blood.” The dog survived.

Ortiz owns at least three Corvettes with distinctive-sounding engines. Ortiz was found guilty at trial and given a sentence of two years of community supervision and 25 days in jail.

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According to a medical board record, he has a “history of aggression toward women,” including an arrest in 1999 for allegedly striking a spouse. A different girlfriend secured a restraining order against him in 2005.

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