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‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 Release Date Postponed – Find Out When to Expect It

Stranger Things Season 5 Release Date Postponed - Find Out When to Expect It

Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things has been dealt a blow, as the show’s fifth and final season is facing delays due to a writers strike. The Duffer Brothers, creators, executive producers and showrunners of the show have made the decision to postpone production rather than filming without writers on set.

The Duffer Brothers have announced that Stranger Things Season 5 will be postponed due to the ongoing writers’ strike.

According to a statement from the Stranger Things writers on their official Twitter account, “Writing does not stop when filming begins. While we’re excited to start production with our amazing cast and crew, it is not possible during this strike. We hope a fair deal is reached soon so we can all get back to work. Until then — over and out. #wgastrong.”

Sources at Deadline have confirmed that production on the fifth season, which was due to start soon has been delayed and no new start date has been announced.

It is believed that the scripts for the fifth season are already written, with the writing process for the final season starting on August 2nd, 2023.

In an interview with Deadline last year, the Duffer Brothers spoke about their goal for the final season, saying that they want to “stick the landing” and provide a satisfying conclusion to the series. They also hinted at the possibility of the final season having multiple endings, comparing it to the film “Return of the King” with its eight different endings.

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While fans will have to wait a bit longer for the final season of Stranger Things, they can rest assured that the show’s creators are committed to delivering a memorable and satisfying conclusion to the beloved series.

The delay may be disappointing, but it is a necessary step to ensure that the final product is the best it can be.

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