Professional boxer fakes his own murder after wife hires hitman

Ramon Sosa, a former professional boxer faked his own murder with the help of investigators in an effort to escape actual death from his wife, who plotted to kill him by hiring a hitman.

Investigators convinced Sosa to agree to a plan of faking his own murder in an effort to nail his wife, Lulu Sosa, whom they described as “beautiful,” adding that they don’t want to take any chances that would have any jurors feeling sorry for her in trial.

Sosa is recounting his story in Investigation Discovery’s (ID) popular true-crime series “Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?” The show, which premiered in 2010, explores the stories of people who say “I do” to their “soulmates,” only to learn their spouses have a shocking secret.

Sosa, the son of a professional wrestler, launched a successful boxing career in his native Puerto Rico. As a teen, he moved to Texas, where he turned pro at age 17. But after bad management, he no longer wanted to be inside the ring. So, he began training fighters in Houston.

How Sosa and Lulu Met

In 2007, Sosa, who has been unlucky in love met a woman at a local Latin nightclub whose beauty packed a punch.

“I wasn’t dating anyone at the time,” said Sosa, whose first marriage ended in 2000. “But she immediately caught my eye. The way she carried herself, I couldn’t stop staring. She just captivated me. I asked her for a dance and things began to happen from there.”

The mystery woman was Maria de Lourdes Dorantes, also known as “Lulu.” The buxom brunette, originally from Mexico, entered the U.S. on a visitor visa with her son and daughter. She was eager to start a new life in Houston, and she happily doted on the father of three.

The romance was swift, and Sosa found himself on bended knee once more. This time, to propose. She became Lulu Sosa in 2009.

In 2010, the couple opened a gym together. However, within the third year of their marriage, after she obtained her American citizenship, Sosa said he “started seeing the cracks,” adding that he felt used again.

“I’m an American citizen now, and I have all the benefits that you have in this country,” Lulu told him, according to Fox News Digital.

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Lulu’s plot to kill Sosa

Mundo, a client and friend of both Lulu and Sosa but loyal to Sosa, overheard her discussing the details of the murder plot with the teenage daughter after she filed for a divorce claiming that Sosa was an abusive husband.

Mundo hurried to warn Sosa after he agreed to look for a hitman for Lulu in order to be kept in the loop. He was determined to be in Sosa’s corner.

Sosa said Lulu wanted him dead because of the money involved. “It was all about the money. She knew how much money I was worth dead,” he said.

Sosa contacted the police but was told they needed more evidence. He and Mundo teamed up to do their own detective work, gathering texts and recording daily conversations with Lulu under the guise that she was hiring a hitman.

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The evidence of the murder-for-hire plot was presented to investigators.

“The police got involved when they realized this was very serious, and she wanted me dead as soon as possible,” said Sosa. “The divorce was about to be finalized, and she wanted me dead before then because she knew how much money she was going to get. If I died after the divorce, my kids would get everything. So she wanted me out quickly. They then brought their undercover investigator.”

Faked photo of Ramon Sosa shot in the head
Faked photo of Ramon Sosa shot in the head

Police needed a photo of Sosa dead as proof the deed was done in order to keep the operation going.

Sosa posed as if his hands were tied. Investigators even threw dirt on his head for a realistic shot. An undercover agent posing as the hired hitman showed the photo to Lulu during an arranged meeting at a parking lot. She laughed and discussed paying him $3,000 in cash, and even offered jewelry and Sosa’s white pickup truck. It was all secretly caught on camera.

Lulu was arrested in 2015. She pleaded guilty to second-degree solicitation of capital murder and is now serving 20 years in prison.

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