Man Pleads Guilty to Fastening his Mom’s Death over Mega Fortune

A man from New York City pleads guilty to fastening his mom’s death by beating and slitting her throat over an $11 million fortune.


As part of a plea agreement, Jared Eng, 25, admitted guilt to one count of second-degree murder for the gruesome death of Paula Chin, 65, in her Lower Manhattan apartment on January 30, 2019. On October 18, he will get a sentence of between 18 years and a lifetime in jail.

The defendant’s mother was brutally and shockingly murdered. While nothing can heal this sorrow, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg said in a statement that today’s guilty plea “represents an important step towards justice.”

Chin’s other son filed a missing person report in February 2019. This is days after Eng disposed of her body in a trash bin at the Morristown, New Jersey family home.

Before asking two pals for assistance, Eng had beaten and slashed his mother’s throat. Court documents state that he informed a friend that his mother “took time to die.”


A New York City man pleads guilty to fastening his mom’s death by slitting her throat just to get his hands on her $11 million fortune.

The group cleaned the Tribeca apartment before loading Chin’s body into her black SUV.  They left the body at the weekend residence in New Jersey, where authorities eventually discovered the rotting remains.

Eng sent a string of incriminating texts, including “It’s done” and “I’m free.”

The delinquent son wasted no time changing the passwords to his mother’s bank accounts. This is a few days after the murder. He also started looking for inheritance lawyers in an attempt to gain access to her assets.

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Google searches for methods to dispose of his mother’s remains included the mundane queries, such as “diy bone meal.”

The companions who assisted him were accused of minor offenses, such as hiding a corpse. Their legal cases are still open.

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