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‘Let Adults Be Adults’ Tom Hanks Calls for End to Censorship

"Let Adults Be Adults' Tom Hanks Calls for End to Censorship

Tom Hanks, the man who can make anything better just by being in it, has voiced his concerns over censorship in Hollywood. And who can blame him? He’s been around the block enough times to see some crazy stuff. Remember that movie where he played a kid in a man’s body who hooked up with an older woman? Yeah, that wouldn’t fly today. But censorship isn’t just about questionable content, it’s about who gets to decide what we can and can’t see.

Tom Hanks speaks out against censorship, urging adults to make their own choices.

Hanks spoke out against the recent trend of “updating” classic literature like Roald Dahl and Ian Flemming, to remove potentially offensive material. “We’re all grown-ups here,” he said. “Let’s have faith in our own sensibilities instead of having someone else decide what we can handle. I don’t want to read a book that says ‘abridged due to modern sensitivities.’ Let me decide what I’m offended by.”

There are many reasons why content gets censored from religious to child safety concerns, but it seems like everyone has a different opinion on what’s acceptable. Some countries even ban Disney movies for having LGBTQ+ content. Others pixelate cleavage on streaming platforms. It’s like we’re all living in our own little bubbles and no one can agree on anything.

But censorship is nothing new. Remember when Disney+ came out and they had to put warnings and cuts on all their old movies? And don’t even get me started on The Song of the South. Some people argue that removing offensive depictions takes away the chance to discuss why they’re wrong, but others just want them gone. It’s a tricky subject and there’s no easy answer.

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