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English Teacher Needed for Immediate Employment in Canada

English Teacher Needed for Immediate Employment in Canada

In our previous discussion, we looked at a job opening in Canada for a breakfast attendant with a salary of $14 per hour. Now, Okanagan College in Canada needs an English teacher for immediate employment at $40.27 to $64.72 an hour for 1 to 30 hours per week.

English instructors are qualified professionals who instruct students in reading, writing, and speaking skills. They instruct students in elementary, middle, and high school, planning and delivering lessons based on a set curriculum. There is no credit card necessary for this trial.

English instructors are employed in schools and other institutions. They use several approaches to give successful courses while teaching the fundamentals of the English language. English instructor responsibilities can vary depending on the students’ academic level and native language.

Message from Okanagan College

We are searching for a qualified English instructor to join our dynamic team. Let’s meet if you love English and have the capacity to teach it with patience and tact.

Your main goal will be to establish a helpful learning environment in which your students can achieve their learning objectives. You’ll teach them the fundamentals of reading, writing, and speaking English using engaging and varied approaches.

You will monitor their development by recording their assignment and exam grades and providing relevant feedback.

We are going to take you through what is involved and also how to submit your application.

First things first, we need to look at the responsibilities or duties of an English teacher or instructor.

Responsibilities of the English teacher include:

[1] Planning course material and activities

[2] Assessing the students’ progress (e.g. homework, exam grades, etc.)

[3] Building trust with students, parents and other staff

Job Particulars

  • Location: Kelowna, BC
    Salary: $40.27 to $64.72 hourly for 1 to 30 hours per week
    Terms of employment: Term or contract [Part time]
    Start date: Starts as soon as 2022-11-26


[1] Plan your classroom lectures and coursework.

[2] Organize your materials and activities.

[3] Assign assignments and fun exercises.

[4] Identify students who have unique needs and provide tailored strategies for them.

[5] Calculate exam and assignment grades.

[6] Give input on workload and classroom behavior.

[7] Keep track of your students’ attendance and grades.

[8] Investigate novel language teaching approaches.

[9] Manage classroom emergencies and conflict resolution.

[10] Inform parents of their children’s performance.

[11] Collaborate with faculty and administrators to ensure a positive student experience.


[1] Prior experience as an English teacher

[2] In-depth knowledge of various teaching methods

[3] In-depth understanding of the national curriculum and English language requirements

[4] Exceptional organizational and communication skills

[5] Must have a patient and resilient personality

[6] Must be dedicated to students and education

[7] Also, a BSc or BA in English Language or English Literature. MSc is a plus.

Job Eligibility

Apply if you meet the below terms and conditions:

[1] You are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.

[2] Also, you have a valid Canadian work permit.

Do not apply if you are not authorized to work in Canada. This is because the employer will not respond to your application.

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How to apply

Include this reference number C002079 while submitting your application here: 

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