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Elle Fanning Reveals the Harsh Reality of Social Media and Big Franchises in Hollywood

Actress Elle Fanning talks about how she navigates her career in Hollywood, balancing working on both studio and indie projects and taking chances on small productions.

Elle Fanning, star of All the Bright Places and Girl From Plainville has opened up about the pressure to join big franchise films in Hollywood. In a recent episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Fanning discussed her stance on these projects, stating that success in the industry doesn’t require being a part of brands such as Marvel, DC Studios and Star Wars.

She also revealed that she had previously auditioned for a role in a larger franchise but didn’t get the part because of her social media presence.

Elle Fanning opens up about the challenges of navigating Hollywood’s pressure to join big franchises and the role social media plays in casting decisions.

During the podcast, Fanning shared that she was told she didn’t get a part in a big franchise film because she didn’t have enough  Instagram followers. While this may not have been the only reason for her not getting the role, it was the feedback she received. Fanning currently has over six million Instagram followers and doesn’t believe that social media presence should ever be a deciding factor in casting decisions.

Navigating her career as a Hollywood actress

Fanning discussed her approach to navigating her acting career and balancing working on studio and indie projects. She explained that if you want to produce indie work, you need to know that it might not be as financially stable as working on a big studio project.

However, having the backing of a big project can make taking chances on smaller scripts easier. Fanning previously played Aurora in Disney’s Maleficent and its sequel, but she believes success doesn’t solely come from being a part of these big franchise films.

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