Colorado Parents Face Massive Indictments in Prom Night Crash Saga 

Colorado parents face massive indictments by Judicial District Attorney Michael Dougherty over the prom night crash saga. Five parents and other people have been charged by Dougherty with allowing underage drinking to occur before a deadly crash that happened in April on the night of a high school prom.


According to Dougherty’s office, a 17-year-old girl allegedly got into a truck on April 9. This was an after-prom party to get more booze. However, she ended up driving on the wrong side of the road, killing herself and two people and wounding one more.

The district attorney’s office brought nine indictments against five parents. Also to a party bus driver, a liquor store and two companies following a grand jury inquiry.

Five Colorado parents and others face massive indictments in a prom night crash that claimed lives.

According to a press release, the indictments claim that “two companies sold fake identifications to numerous high school students, a liquor store routinely sold alcohol to minors, a party bus driver permitted students to consume alcohol on the party bus, and several adults assisted and facilitated underage drinking on that night and on prior occasions.”


The indictments further claim that “the adults failed to supervise these students. They also failed to prevent them from later driving while intoxicated.”

The grand jury issued subpoenas to witnesses so they could testify about the circumstances leading up to the crash on Highway 157 that killed the 17-year-old as well as rideshare driver Ori Tsioni and passenger Gregoria Morales Ramirez. According to the district attorney’s office, many witnesses declined to testify. This is the reason for the subpoenas.

Diana Spencer, a different victim, fractured multiple ribs as a result of the collision.

In a statement earlier this month, Dougherty said, “I want to thank the Boulder Valley School District for their cooperation. I also want to thank the detectives for their hard work in this unfortunate case.”

The joint investigation was conducted by the Colorado State Patrol, the Liquor Enforcement Division and the District Attorney’s office.

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