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Cillian Murphy Reveals the Shocking Downside of Fame

Cillian Murphy Reveals the Shocking Downside of Fame

Cillian Murphy, the 46-year-old Irish actor has opened up about his complicated relationship with fame. He stated that it can “ruin experiences”. Murphy is best known for his starring roles in several Christopher Nolan films. This includes the Dark Knight trilogy, Inception and Dunkirk.

Still, it was perhaps his most recent turn leading BBC’s drama Peaky Blinders for six seasons that he’s become a global phenomenon and a recognizable face.

Irish actor Cillian Murphy shares the truth about fame and how it can ruin experiences

In a new interview with Rolling Stone UK, the actor expressed his dislike for being photographed by strangers who take pictures of him like it’s a “f***ing event”. He further compared fame to commuting, stating that just like you need to commute to reach your destination, the best people do what they do for the love of their craft and not for the sake of fame or attention.

Murphy argues that the fetishisation of everything can ruin experiences. “I’m around here all the time and no one gives a f**k. Nobody cares. It dissipates,” he said, indicating that fame evaporates with regularity. The actor said he is often stopped by fans of Peaky Blinders who expect him to be like his character Tommy Shelby.

The actor noted that he finds being photographed by strangers to be offensive. He stated that if he were a woman and it was a man photographing him, he would find it even more unacceptable. He further stated that when you’re confronted with someone you think is amazing or have invested a lot in, the encounter is strange. Murphy noted that he has a compulsion to make work and not to be famous or get attention.

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Murphy’s comments on fame are not new; they are shared by other actors who have become global sensations. Murphy’s case highlights the negative aspects of fame. This includes the loss of privacy and the pressure that comes with being constantly in the public eye. As an actor, he understands that fame is part of the job. However, he strives to keep his focus on his craft, which is what he loves doing.

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